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The Uneasy Series


Stuffed Animals: A Novella

Second Edition

From the author of The Uneasy Series comes this tale of magic, mystery, and suspense! 

Formerly available only in print form, this Second Edition of Stuffed Animals boasts a new cover design, revised interior copy, now available in e-book  format! 

Bishop and Cameron MacArthur, both descendants of ancient, powerful bloodlines, have each inherited unusual talents. Paired since childhood, the couple uses their gifts discreetly in order to preserve their families' legacies and to protect themselves against power hunters. Bishop spends much of her time in solitude in her taxidermy shop and Cameron is an unassuming third grade teacher.


But when a powerful interloper suddenly appears, claiming to be Cameron's older brother and the first born son of the MacArthur family, their love and loyalty are challenged as supernatural attacks and betrayal shatter their idyllic existence.  


The stakes rise and the situation worsens as the secrets unravel, entangling Bishop and her family in mortal jeopardy. Bishop is forced to make a choice, the consequences of which will irrevocably alter her life and echo forward throughout the lives of all their descendants to come.

Stuffed Animals 2nd Edition Ebook Cover.
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Volume I

 Blood and Bone:

A Smattering of Unease


A teenage girl waits in the ghoul-infested Wandering Wood, hoping to meet a special man with an extraordinary heart; a tropical storm brings foul creatures from the ocean to terrorize a solitary island dweller and his unwelcome guest; a small boy's missing hamster leads a family to a grisly discovery; an elderly woman pays a deadly price to stop vandals from destroying her treasured gardens. . . 

These are just some of the creepy scenarios you will encounter in Shannon Rae Noble's debut collection, Blood and Bone: A Smattering of Unease.

Volume II

 The Shady Side:

Shortcut to Uneasy Street

Second Edition E-book


Redesigned with a fresh new cover and updated interior formatting, Shannon Rae Noble crushes it again with a Second Edition of The Shady Side: Shortcut to Uneasy Street, now available in e-book format!

Within this tome, you will meet a new cast of  nasty characters: An innocent grade-school student who becomes a vengeful pint-size murderess when she encounters a carnivorous shadow; a Hawaiian god whose right-hand lady is an unassuming hula doll with a temper of monstrous proportions; a horde of miniature semi-human meat-eaters that munches down all of the residents of Shady Lane in a bloodthirsty frenzy - and let's not forget Einstein 99, the wrathful crow who leads his local murder on a mission of justice to save his human friend. 

The next time you see a crow or a jogger, or walk down a street that seems unusually peaceful - you just might feel uneasy.

Shady Side 2nd Ed EBook Cover.jpg
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