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                              Author Bio

Shannon Rae Noble, a native of Central New York (not Upstate New York and not New York City, but somewhere in between), started writing when she was in grade school. Her published works to date number somewhere around 200, and they include poetry, articles, short stories, and three books.

Her most recent works include her first short story collection, Volume I of the three-book Uneasy Series, Blood and Bone: A Smattering of Unease, released in e-book and paperback in 2016. She released Volume II of the Uneasy Series, The Shady Side: Shortcut to Uneasy Street as e-book and paperback editions in 2018. Her most recent book, Story #7: Stuffed Animals, a Novella, was released as a paperback edition in early 2019.


Shannon Rae Noble may be reach by sending a message via her Contact page, emailing or by messaging her on Facebook at Shannon Rae Noble, Horror Author

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