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The Uneasy Series Volume II

An elderly woman waiting to die in a quiet, lonely house receives a surprise visit from two impossible guests . . . an innocent little girl becomes a pint-size murderess when she discovers a carnivorous shadow in the parking lot of an abandoned building . . . hearing news that his brother and father have been in a car accident, newly graduated college student Tony hurries to the bus station to catch his ride home. He soon discovers that he has chosen the wrong shortcut . . . bent on a fitness quest to attain a new, slimmer body, Jessie gets more than she bargained for when she is attacked in a local wildlife refuge . . . 

The Shady Side: Shortcut to Uneasy Street. Volume II of the Uneasy Series promises encounters with hordes of tiny bloodthirsty monsters, Hawaiian gods and hula girls, ghosts, witches, serial killers, and more! 


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